Product Development

Plasticwright can take your potential product from napkin sketch to prototype to production!  Utilizing our experienced engineer and in-house 3D printing service we offer everything you need to bring your product to market.  

Advanced CAD modelling allows us to identify design deficiencies before we ever manufacture a prototype. These 3D models can be saved in multiple formats to best suit your needs.  Our CAD software also generates conventional 2D drawings from the 3D model saving time and money as they do not need to be created separately.

3D printings allows us to prototype and refine a product in hours and lowers our overhead by replacing the traditional machine shop and associated staff, making our services less expensive than other prototyping firms. Prototypes created by traditional methods (e.g. CNC machining) are costly, time consuming, and not required in this day in age.  Our 3D printed prototypes can be as much as 75% less expensive than our competitor's machined counterparts!

Production Management

Let us leverage our industry connections for you! Plasticwright is located in a hot bed of manufacturing, local companies range from small independent injection molding companies to state of the art optics manufacturers. Chances are we have a contact that can manufacture your item no matter how complex. The surrounding counties offer a plethora of industries and companies that directly support them. Corporations with manufacturing/research facilities in a 75 mile radius include: GM, Cummins, Cook Inc., SAIC, URS, Toyota, and many more.

By using local manufacturers and shops we can directly supervise your item's production. These close working relationships allow us to tightly control quality, logistics, and all intellectual property involved. Working with local companies also means your product will be made in America by American labor; 'Made in the USA' is a resurgent marketing method that worksContact Plasticwright today for more information about our Product Development and Production Management Services!