Coming Soon: Custom PCB Milling!

Conveniently located in Avoca, IN, we are within 30 minutes of Bedford, Bloomington and NSWC Crane.

Plasticwright is your local source for 3D printing; we specialize in creating 3D printed objects via Fused Deposition Modeling. Uses for 3D printed models are nearly limitless: custom parts, prototypes, molds, electronics enclosures, and sales mockups are just a few of the uses for 3D printing.  

Our prices are very competitive, we can typically beat our competitior's pricing by 75%!

3D printing is not all Plasticwright does, additonal services include:

Product Design and Development
3D Modeling
Production Management

Please contact us for a quote!

Ford 4.0 Liter Engine Block in Blue PLA